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This site is no longer being updated. The information inside is correct, but dates back to 2003. For more current information, please visit my DeviantArt page or my stained glass web site, Seward Street Studios. 9/22/2010

Wow, I haven't done anything with this site in over 3 years. Since then, I've had 2 jobs and created boatloads of new art. We now I'm freelance so maybe I will get some of the newer stuff up. First thing I did, was to make my most popular image available on cafe press products. Go look! 4/19/06

RCN purchased Enteract (my soon to be ex-ISP) about two years ago and for the most part, they left things alone. Now they decide they want to fold us Enteract users into RCN proper. They had us change a bunch of settings and promised that all would be well.

Well now you can only get to my web site about half the time so I have moved my site to Powweb. It costs about a third of what Enteract was charging, I get 500MB of space (instead of 10MB) and, best of all, I get to have my site at (instead of the very cumbersome 03/19/03

Looks like McDonald's re-arranged their web sie when I wasn't looking and removed all the pics of the old toys. I've kept the page listing what I have done but I removed all the links. Also added some more online comics to the Favorite Links page and did a little house cleaning all round. Hi BLuR! 11/12/02

Not that you can tell, but I have been working my way through the site, adding key words and descriptions to the <head> tags as well as making sure all the images have <alt> tag descriptions. With over 40 pages, this is taking a while. Word of advice to anyone planning their first site with more than 10 pages: save your self a lot of time and make a check list. 9/9/02



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